The Hampstead Civic Club suggests and promotes civic involvement for the
betterment of the Hampstead Community and provides local activities to the
people of Hampstead.

The Civic Club presently offers a number of programs within the community.
Programs include: Fall Soccer, Jr. Olympics, Basketball, Golf Tournament,
Texas Hold'em, Fishing Derby, Scholarships, Independence Day celebration,
and Chess Club.

The Civic Club is continually striving to improve how it serves the community. If
you have any suggestions or would like to help, please let us know. It’s
through everyone’s efforts that we are able to help make Hampstead such a
wonderful town in which to live.

Membership in the Civic Club is open to all residents, 18 years and
older. Regular meetings start at 8:00 PM on the fourth Monday of each
month and are held at the Civic Club Headquarters next to the
Hampstead Town Hall.
Community Service at Its Best

President                                 Mark Casey              (603) 479-0573
First Vice President               
Jason Kimball          (603) 329-0146
Second Vice President         
Veikko Huuskonen  (603) 329-7835  
Howie Steadman      (603) 329-4288
Don Bell                    (603) 382-3165    
Public Relations                    
Michael Bortone      (603) 489-1211